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South Africa

Company Description:

⦁ Legal wise Empowering people with access to justice.
⦁ Since foundation in 1984 a number of companies (for example banks, insurance companies, clothing retailers and mobile networks, have launched products that offer everything from free legal advice to legal cover)
⦁ Legal wise have a single minded purpose,
⦁ We have a 37 year track record, and we are pioneers of legal cover in south Africa
⦁ We remain committed to our founding purpose.
⦁ Enabling you to enforce and defend your rights.
⦁ To be the choice for people who want to break the barriers and see justice realized in our democratic society.

Legal Wise Idea:

⦁ We stand for justice, fairness & honesty in a democratic society.
⦁ We protect the rights of our members who ever the transgressor
⦁ We cherish our independence & power to act without interference
⦁ We give our members legal power to enforce & and defend their legal rights through professional legal representation
⦁ We believe in loyalty to each other & the ideals of our Company

Job Description:

⦁ To support business/services area leadership in the implementation of strategic plan through the effective management of teams.
⦁ To support the partner in delivery of services to the client’s premises on specific delegated engagements and projects.

Job responsibilities and skills:

⦁ Every day candidate work will make an impact that matters.
⦁ Candidate thrive in a dynamic culture of inclusion, collaboration and high performance
⦁ Organized and self driven
⦁ Language must be fluent in English
⦁ Good analytical skills
⦁ Computer knowledge
⦁ Proficiency in the use of MS Office and the Internet
⦁ Ability to communicate effectively.
⦁ Problem solving
⦁ Customer Focus
⦁ Active Listening skills
⦁ Good Communication skills
⦁ Telephonic skills
⦁ Guest relations
⦁ Ability to speak English Fluently and one other African Language.


⦁ Qualified Grade 12/ Matric
⦁ Minimum 1 to 2 years experience client/ Customer support
⦁ 1 years experience in a client facing management
⦁ The credit points will be given to those who have 1 to 2 year experience to specific industry sector within the firm.


⦁ Good people skills and be able to liaise professionally and effectively on all levels
⦁ Empathy and patient in dealing with
⦁ Problem solving and negotiation skills
⦁ Following up and providing feedback
⦁ Risk and Quality management.
⦁ Sustain Profitability.
⦁ Managing work (Including time management)
⦁ Talent Management.
⦁ Must be active to contribute to the business of all aspects.

Key Performance:

⦁ Strategic Impact: Candidate must support the team on delivery of designated engagement.
⦁ Budget/Profitability: Candidate must manage budget through correct budgeting cost and also candidate must control profitability management.
⦁ Development / Growth of Team: Candidate must be expert while sharing knowledge with the team members.
key Information:
⦁ Kindly note that this job advertisement provides summary of capabilities which are required and all candidates shortlisted will receive a full list of capabilities.
⦁ COVID-90 Vaccination is mandatory because of reducing the likely hood of serious illness, death and infection
Vacant Position: 80

How to apply:

⦁ Kindly read all the terms and conditions before apply for this post.
⦁ Candidate must be National of South Africa.
⦁ Applications for mentioned post are invited for Both Male and Female.
⦁ Candidate must have at least 1 to 2 years of experience in the relevant field.
⦁ Only online applications will be considered.
⦁ By hand submission of application will not be considered.
⦁ Incomplete application or missing data or information will not considered and application will be reject.
⦁ The eligible candidates are advised to submit the online application with required information the link for online application is given below.
⦁ Candidate should submit online application till the last date is 27-09-2022
Job Location: Constantia Ridge Office Park, 231 Panorama Drive, Constantia Kloof, Roodepoort
Postal Code: 2090
Locality: South Africa
Country ISO Code: ZAF
Regional ISO Code: South Africa
Phone: +27(0)861427777


Unit  Monthly
Currency ISO Code ZAR
Value 150,000
Employment Type Full time

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